The increasing complexity of products presents many new obstacles for aeronautical programme managers, who must become more and more proactive. The strategy of the manufacturers includes numerous challenges, notably the size of development costs. The simplification of design methods thus allows a gain in productivity and a decrease in essential costs for the workers in this field.

Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace is a specific domain, within which manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions for the development of their products. The international dimension here is playing more of a role in the delegation of tasks and risks, improving industrial expertise. Knowing the importance of being surrounded by competent workers is thus one of the keys to success.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Whether they be financial, human, technological or regulatory, there are many stakes in the construction industry. Research into the optimisation of costs and production timescales, as well as an increase in productivity is also challenges for workers in this domain. Because each project is unique, each solution must also be so.

The Motor Industry and Transport

There are numerous players involved in the motor industry, which necessitates a good collaboration and a good level of reactivity. With an increasing international competition, knowing how to interact with different partners is a real key factor to successfully deal with the various challenges linked to this domain.

Industrial Facilities

The rapid marketing of conceptualised products is one of the most highly required objectives of manufacturers. Increased competition and increasingly significant complexity of products contributes to this trend. It is therefore more and more important to improve productivity by simplifying design methods. Collaborative development processes enable cost reduction, marketing timescales and thus increase productivity and profitability.

High Technology and Electronics

In this domain we find a complex development process, combining mechanics, electronics and software. High technology and electronics are increasingly complex and demanding sectors, which need constant renewal and improvement. The innovation and quick launch of a product are here the most important elements for a successful project.

Health Sciences

Regulatory constraints play a large role in this sector and require a particular attention. It is more than ever the case that the demands imposed by health sciences require a constant adaptation and reactivity to the market. Marketing a product has to be a very fast process. Simplifying design methods as well as optimising timescales and costs are the best adapted solutions to meet these kinds of challenges.